Shammy is yet another static site generator. It uses the concepts of merging the real content with a pre-defined template, to build a static site or blog.

Shammy does following actions

  • Initialize
  • Bake
  • Serve


Shammy needs a pre-defined folder structure, which is in synch with the standards for the blogs. This action can be invoked by using the command shammy -i or shammy -initialize.
This command initializes the folder structure and creates a sample blog.
Following directories and files are created

  • assets
  • content
  • templates


This directory is created to store assets like css, script , and image files.


This directory contains the main content of the blog. It is initialized with few sample blogs and their meta data.


This directory contains the templates that would be utilized according to different needs.

This is the default config properties file, which contains optional configurations on which Shammy runs.

Following configurations are defined

  • path.source - input path where shammy directory is initialized
  • path.output - path where output files would be stored
  • - folder name (inside source folder) where assets are stored
  • - folder name (inside source folder) where templates are stored
  • - folder name (inside source folder) where contents are stored
  • keepbackup - Should shammy store backups before cleaning output folder(default true)
  • path.backup - path where backups would be kept before re-building
  • server.port - port on which contents would be served (default 3000)
  • output.minify - Should shammy minify files (JS/CSS/HTML output files)


Bake action combines the content and templates and prepares output which is static HTML site. This is invoked by shammy -b or shammy -bake. It also prepares allpages.json which contains data about all the pages in a JSON format. This can be utilized by ajax calls in JavaScript.


This action serves the contents of output on a Jetty Server for a quick review. To run your contents on server, just invoke command shammy -s or shammy -serve.

Bake and Serve

The serve command can be used along with bake command to bake and immediately serve the contents on server. e.g. shammy -b -s command bakes the contents and serves them on server .